MODOT stockpiling extra road supplies in case of long winter

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JEFFERSON CITY - After a long winter last year, MODOT is stockpiling extra supplies to prepare for anything that could happen.

Missouri has 11,300 miles of roads that MODOT maintains, and 225 trucks.

Jason Schafer, the district maintenance engineer for the central Missouri district, said that they've stockpiled more than usual, since they usually only use 20,000 tons of salt.

"We are going into this winter with right at 38,000 tons of salt. That's spread between our 24 maintenance facilities that we've got in our 18 counties," said Schafer.

That doesn't account for the rest of the state, just for central Missouri.

"Statewide last year we used 180,000 tons of salt," Schafer said.

MODOT also held a statewide training event for crews today. Schafer said crews were out learning and training new drivers, since not all snow plow drivers are driving everyday.

"So that way they get familiar, because some of them may not be in a truck everyday," said Schafer. "There's always little things that have changed throughout the year so it's always good to get everyone refreshed about that."