MoDot To Public: Keep Signs Away From Highways

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JEFFERSON CITY - With this year's presidential election quickly approaching, the Missouri Department of Transportation is reminding the public to keep campaign signs off the highways.

State law prohibits placing unauthorized signs of any kind along state right of ways and considers it a misdemeanor to do so. That includes campaign signs, garage sale signs, advertising boards and even streamers and balloons.

MoDot Outreach Coordinator Bob Brendel said MoDot is actively removing signs from state-owned roadways. He says safety is the main concern.

"It's a safety issue for most people who pull over and stop and put these signs out on the roadway," Brendel said. "We don't want them to be out there in close proximity to traffic."

He added the signs provide a distraction for drivers and can obstruct their vision.

People whose signs are taken up have thirty days to retrieve them from local maintenance facilities.