MoDOT Urges Caution Wednesday Morning Despite Fairly Clear Roads

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COLUMBIA - MoDOT worked hours plowing and salting roads Tuesday and they say it paid off for travelers on Wednesday morning.  Roadways are pretty clear, but drivers are encouraged to still use caution.

Flurries Wednesday morning brought a new snow cover over roadways in Columbia, but plows were out clearing the major roadways early.  MoDOT says it was finished with first priority roads at 1:00p.m. Tuesday afternoon.  But once the snow fell Wednesday morning, plowmen returned to the roads.

MoDOT says it is still getting reports of fallen trees and limbs covering roads from the previous snow storm and it is working to get those cleared as soon as possible.

Plow drivers say they will make a pass in each direction, but they will not be plowing curb to curb.  Some roads are only one lane as of Wednesday morning, specifically in neighborhoods.  One neighborhood of duplexes off of Bearfield has parallel parked cars along roadways and barely enough room for two cars to pass through.

Columbia Public Works says it has committed all resources to plowing and treating roads throughout the storm.  But because of the heavy, wet snow from the previous storm, they are facing a lack of space to put all the plowed snow.  They urge residents to put snow to the right of their driveways when they clear them.

As of Wednesday morning, a KOMU 8 News reporter drove some streets in Columbia and found streets to be cleared, but not normal.

Entrance and exit ramps off of I-63 in Columbia had ice and slush, massive piles of previously plowed snow were blocking the view of some turns, and plowed snow filled medians in multiple areas.