MoDot Urges Drivers to Stay off the Roads

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JEFFERSON CITY - MoDot urged drivers to stay off the roads Thursday as heavy snowfall covered the state. The department has approximately 225 plows out clearing Mid-Missouri state roads. Workers are instructed to attend to highly traveled roads like I-70, I-44, US-63 and US-50 first. 

A MoDot worker said people staying off the roads helps them efficiently do their job. "I'd like to thank folks, a lot of folks did take the advice of the highway patrol and other folks and stayed home today," said MoDot Assistant District Engineer Travis Koestner. "Our trucks are making their routes really smoothly today indicated by our field people. But if you do have to get on the road we just ask that you give the other drivers plenty of room give our snow plows plenty of room, so take your time, just take it easy our there." 

MoDot said drivers can check on road conditions accross the state by using their mobile app.

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