MoDOT urges drivers to watch speed on Route F

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BOONE COUNTY- After a series of crashes on Route F, MoDOT is warning drivers to be more careful.

In the last two weeks there have been a motorcycle accident, a head-on collision and a rollover crash, all along Route F.

Delvin Mellerup lives in the area and emailed KOMU 8 News with his concerns.

“It is an accident waiting to happen. At [Rucker], the intersection of Hwy F, T and Thornhill, there is no proper or legal way to exit F onto Thornhill. To exit, I have to drive behind the stop sign for Hwy T to get onto Thornhill. If I use a signal it would indicate turning onto Hwy T, not Thornhill. If cars stop for Hwy T, they block the cars coming off of Hwy F trying to get onto Thornhill. The stop sign used to be where it stopped at T before they got to where it would block Thornhill. Might be worth looking at before more accidents happen. Right now we just play dodge car each day," Mellrup said.

Mellerup has lived in the area for 25 years, and said this has always been an issue, but has gotten worse recently.

Mike Shupp, an area engineer for MoDOT, told KOMU 8 News the route got new pavement, striping and an overlay in 2015.

“55 miles per hour is the speed limit on the road, but please pay attention to the advisory plaques on the curve signs because it is curvy and there is a lot of farm traffic, so you want to make sure you’re driving a suitable speed so that you can get stopped in time,” Shupp said.

MoDOT also said there is no plan in place to reconstruct the road or add any more signs at this time, but it urges drivers to be careful and follow the speed limits posted.