MODOT warns all travelers to stay home Sunday

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COLUMBIA - All available trucks are and have been out on the roads this morning laying down a salt and sand mix which they hope will temper the effects of the freezing rain. The Missouri Department of Transportation's biggest concern this morning is ice.

"The main concern is that even if the weather warms up, the road is going to be so cold that any precipitation will freeze to it." Assistant Supervisor at the MODOT Boone county facility Kale Stewert said. 

Temperatures should rise this afternoon which would decrease the chances of a heavier wintery mix, the fear is though that if rain falls the fresh mix of salt and sand will be washed away. 

"We just have to stay on top of it," Stewart said. "We have all available crews on the road right now and we will have fresh crews coming in in just a few hours."

MODOT warns potential drivers this morning to be prepared and exercise caution on the roadways. 

"The best way to stay safe this morning is to just stay home if at all possible," Stewart said. "We will continue to try our best to stay ahead of the weather."

KOMU 8 News and Weather will continue to follow this winter storm in the coming hours with updates both on-air and online.

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