MoDot Works On Filling Potholes

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COLUMBIA - Department of Transportation workers say they have been outside for the past month trying to fill all of the potholes around town. Regional Maintence Supervisor, Larry Taylor, said it is an ongoing process that he expects to go on for the next few weeks.

"We do everything we can to fill the holes but we have a very large area to take care of and we've got more than we can handle right now," Taylor said.

MoDot uses a mixture that combines small rocks, fibers and oil to fill the potholes. Some towns around Missouri have used the byproduct from coal burning power plants into the mixture to fill potholes.

Columbia's Power Production Superintendent, Christian Johanningmeier, said the byproduct of the coal burning plant has been used for other things but not in the mixture for a pothole filler. Johanningmeier said the sand-like byproduct is used for traction on the roads during the winter months as well as as filler on multiple construction sites.

Taylor said he would be interested to try the byproduct from the coal plant into the pothole filling mixture because MoDot is always looking for ways to overcome filling the holes multiple times.

A small hole could cost about $3-5 for materials alone and Taylor said, "Some potholes probably cost $100 or more per hole, just for the material cost."