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JEFFERSON CITY - A national auto insurance comparison website published a report putting Missouri drivers in an unflattering light.

Missouri drivers rank the second worst in the nation, according to the study from the website. It takes into consideration five perspectives: fatalities per million miles, ticketing, drunk driving, failure to obey traffic laws and careless driving. Missouri is among the worst 10 states in ticketing, drunk and careless driving. The report shows the nation's worst drivers are in Louisiana.

The data comes from three sources: the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration for driving fatalities, the American Motorists Association for tickets ranking, and MADD for stats on drunk driving.

But Bud Balke, Court Monitoring Coordinator for Missouri MADD, said he doesn't think the report reflects the reality. 

"We average about 38,000 DWI arrests in Missouri a year," Balke said. "So we're doing a great job of taking those drunk drivers off the roadway.

And according to the Missouri State Highway Patrol, Missouri's fatality crash number has been decreasing for six consecutive years.  And drunk driving numbers have dropped over the last year as well.

"Missouri drivers are doing a great job," said Lieutenant John Hotz. 

Balke said he thinks good law enforcement and safety education in Missouri are the reasons behind the trend.