MoFlow Festival of Art 3

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KINGDOM CITY - For the third year in a row Boster Castle is hosting the MoFlow Festival of Arts. Drawing artists and spectators from across the country, this three day event welcomes artists of all skill levels.

Forty-five artists are set to teach attendees their skills. The workshops include object manipulation/spinning arts, aerial arts, juggling, balance, acro, concept/theory classes, dance, fire eating/breathing and professional seminars over the business of the arts.

Co-Founder Tesla Naes said the goal is to provide movement artists a place to perform and further the community of the artists. He said movement arts have given him a way to express himself that he did not previously have.

Juggler Kyle Johnson from California said he traveled for this year’s event to reconnect with old friends who he’s met in his time as a movement artist.

Owner of the grounds and co-founder of MoFlow Adam Boster explained the group helps bring a community together.

“There are groups that grow up like the Flow community, which is basically a lot of people who want to figure out how to do what you see on Cirque de Soleil. But there’s not really a place to do that, so what we’re able to provide is an opportunity for someone locally to access an experience like that here in mid-Missouri.”

Boster Castle was built about eight years ago for the Renaissance Festival on 40 acres. The MoFlow festival uses less than a tenth of the castle grounds. Boster said they're always making changes to the grounds, and this year they added an aerial rig where artists will be swinging from ropes and jumping though hoops. Attendees can also pay to use the grounds around the castle to camp for the weekend.

“Right now the world is so full of a lot of negative stuff, and I think that the people that can really focus on their passion in life, they actually go somewhere, they do something, they experience life, they have fun with life and that’s what MoFlow is about,” Boster said.

“It’s a very passionate place full of lots of artists that really get excited about the skills they're learning. So we want to be able to be a place where that can happen.”

The doors open at 9 a.m. Thursday with festivities continuing through Saturday evening. Tickets are available on MoFlow's website.