MOJOE Providing Networking Opportunities

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COLUMBIA - Missouri Job Opportunities in Education (MOJOE) officials hosted a career fair for new teachers in mid-Missouri. Organizers said the career fair at the Hearnes Center showed that as the economy continues to grow, so does the amount of jobs in the education industry.

Candidates who were looking for a teaching position passed out resumes and talked with recruiters from seven states. Seven mid-Missouri colleges and universities hosted the event to provide opportunities for future teachers.

MU's Coordinator of Career Services for the College of Education, Michelle Bollinger, said she hopes future teachers will be able to make connections that turn into interviews and employment opportunities.

"We hope that students take the opportunity to come to the fair, network and learn about different school districts. With today's economy teaching and education is in a very good place and we plan to see it continue to grow," said Bollinger.

Executive director of Missouri School Personnel Administrators, Mary Laffey, said that people should be looking forward to the economy potential within the industry.

"Right now with the economy improving and the turn over of teachers and administrators, particularly in the state of Missouri, this is a great time to be coming into the field of education," said Laffey.

Last year, the career fair hosted more than 400 future teachers. MOJOE does not have a final count yet for how many candidates were present this year, but the organization knows it did exceed last year's number.