Mokane levee breaks; causes water to rise 20 feet

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MOKANE – The levee in Mokane broke this morning. It has come up about 20 feet in less than 24 hours.  

The water is rising quickly and emergency management said the most important thing is to stay out of the water.

City Councilman Chad Booher said, “If we get thunderstorms there is always the chance of somebody getting electrocuted if it gets in a building before somebody gets the electricity cut off.”

Booher said they are emptying out the city hall and moving stuff up to the top of the hill. The Post Office moved to the fire station more than a week ago in preparation. 

A non-profit veterans organization in Mokane is sandbagging to control as much of the water they can.

Brian Hawkins the Commander of Amvets Post 153 said, “The wall breached this morning and it just breached again.”

He said the water just keeps rising and at the moment it is almost to the end of their barrier. He said their plan for the next week is to just try and fight the flood. 

“If we get severe thunderstorms tonight, which they are warning us of, it’s hard to tell what it will do. It could jump again on us really fast,” Booher said.

On top of the flooding, the heat has made everything harder.

Booher said, “The heat is about to kill us. We don’t have any fans down here.”

With everyone being at work today, Booher said they are short on volunteers and if anyone can come help, it would be greatly appreciated.

Hawkins said, "We are a non-profit so any and all donations help."