Mold found in Ellis Library

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COLUMBIA -  A University of Missouri spokesperson said mold spotted in the campus' main library is "not likely to affect anyone, as the amount found was minimal."

Jesslyn Chew said the university did not inform the student body or other library patrons because "the amount was small enough that it should no cause concern."

The mold growth was found Thursday, Nov. 13 on an HVAC duct on the fourth floor of the library.

Columbia Department of Public Health spokesperson Andrea Waner said there is no EPA, federal or state standard that lists certain amounts of mold as hazardous. 

"It is just a case by case basis," Waner said."If you have a relative who has had health issues in the past due to mold exposure, then you should probably stay away from those areas."

Some students had no knowledge of the mold issue and expressed concern about it.

"I think it is kind of concerning considering all the books they have and historical artifacts," said MU student Cassidy Minarik.

"It would have been nice to know, but it's not life-changing, I guess," said Peter Kouba, another student. 

In a statement, Chew said:

"Environmental Health and Safety will perform additional inspections to make sure all affected areas are identified. Any affected areas will be cleaned immediately by Campus Facilities, and other air ducts in Ellis Library will be cleaned as needed. In addition, MU Libraries administration is working with the Office of Energy Management to make sure that proper temperature and humidity levels are maintained at Ellis Library and the specialized libraries at all times."