Mom saves Christmas shopping until the last minute

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COLUMBIA – Last minute holiday shopping is normal for Xaiveira Coats.

Coats bought most of her gifts for her two kids in Kohl’s on Tuesday. Her two kids are ages 3 and 8.

“My job’s very demanding so we don’t get off until about this time,” said Coats.

Waiting to do her shopping during Christmas Eve has become somewhat of a tradition.

She struggles with wrapping her presents, because she has to wait until her son falls asleep and he likes to try and wait out Santa.

“He’s trying to see him use his Santa magic to get in since we don’t got no chimney,” said Coats.

Until he falls asleep, all their presents with remain in her car.

“It’ll all be stuffed in the trunk. Honey, my trunk will be so full that I’ll probably have to run to the car 3 or 4 times,” said Coats.

Coats feels rushed, but said at this point, she expects it.