Moms demand action on gun bills

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COLUMBIA - Conversation on gun control is a major topic in the Columbia community and in the Missouri legislature.

This all comes after the deadly school shooting in Parkland, Florida, on Wednesday.

“People have different solutions, people have different opinions about guns,” Republican Rep. Dean Dohrman of District 51, said.

The most pressing bill concerning firearm use in schools is HB 1942. It allows universities to “designate one or more full-time faculty or staff members as campus protection officers.”

“It was designed after senate bill 656,” Dohrman, who is sponsoring  HB 1942, said. “We overrode Governor Nixon’s veto.”

Senate Bill 656 already allows Missouri elementary and secondary  teachers to use firearms for safety use.

“It’s all closed record,” Dohrman said. “People don’t know if there are these type of people within the facilities or not.”

In addition to HB 1942, the 2018 session is full of other bills concerning firearms like HB 1256, HB 1340, HB 1342, HB 1242, HB 1341, HB 1382 and more.

Legislators aren’t the only ones discussing gun control. The Columbia group for Moms Demand Action met Thursday to raise their voices for the issue.

Despite the partisan views on gun control in legislation, Dohrman believes school shootings are more of a result of mental health discrepancies.

“If we can prevent it beforehand that would be even better” Dohrman said. “But that’s going to a little more long-term solution.”