Monday the first day to submit bills for 2015 legislative session

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COLUMBIA - Monday marked the first day for legislators to propose bills for the 2015 Missouri legislative session.

Several bills dealing with schools are expected to be proposed before the session begins on January 7th.

The Missouri School Board Association (MSBA) works with school board members across Missouri and helps relay what schools want.

MSBA spokesman Brent Ghan said his association foresees mostly negative bills coming up in the next session.

One bill likely on the agenda that Ghan opposes is school grading cards, which would rate public schools with a grade, A-F.

Supporters said it simplifies a complicated rating system. Opponents said a school grading card wouldn't properly judge school performances.

Ghan said his association would also likely be against bills dealing with a U.S. citizenship test and school transfers.

One positive bill Ghan said his association plans to push for is an expansion of state aid for early childhood education. 

"Putting money into early childhood education is the best investment we can make," Ghan said.

No matter the issue Ghan said now is the best time to reach out to legislators.

"This is a time where legislators are at home in their districts, they're available, and it is a very good time to contact legislators and discuss with them positive legislation," Ghan said.

[Editor's note: This story has been updated to correct the title of Brent Ghan.]