moniteau county jail

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MONITEAU COUNTY - The Moniteau County sheriff denied accusations of the jail being in poor condition following posts on social media.

On Tuesday, Catherine Anderson Stout posted on Facebook that an inmate she knew in the jail was being denied prescribed medicine and that his bed was infested with bugs. She also claimed inmates were being denied food and one correctional officer was told to keep her mouth shut when she told her superiors that she had seen bugs.

Moniteau County Sheriff, Tony Wheatley argued against the allegations in a press release Friday afternoon. According to Wheatley, the county health inspector gave the facility a good report earlier that day.

"I instructed the jail staff after the complaints, I instructed them 'don't touch anything, don't clean anything, leave it the way it is and we'll let the health inspector come in just as is,'" Wheatley said. "And he did today, and the county health inspector saw no signs of anything in the facility and said it was actually a nice clean facility. And he said he would write a report stating that fact."

According to Wheatley, this is not the first time complaints have been made about the jail. The most common of these complaints he noted, is the food.

"They complain about the food. They aren't getting enough food. Or they don't like the food," he said. "Of course it is not the Hilton, it's not a bed and breakfast. So I mean they are in custody, they are in jail and they get, some of the inmates get bored or agitated over certain things because they don't have as much rights as they do on the outside, and we don't give them certain things and they get mad and start making phone calls to their family and things like that." 

Wheatley advises inmates and their family members to use the grievance forms and to contact him directly if they have concerns about the jail's condition.

"The best thing to do is, like I have stated before, I have an open door policy, I'm here everyday. It's best if they have an issue, they can come to me directly and we can try to handle it right then instead of going through the back door and then posting stuff on social media."

KOMU 8 reached out to Anderson Stout for comment but received no response.