Moniteau County stay-at-home order lifted

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CALIFORNIA - Moniteau County ended their stay-at-home order two weeks after the state of Missouri lifted the statewide regulation.

“I feel that people have been ready to get back to some sense of normalcy, whatever that may be,” Kevin Wieberg, emergence management director for Moniteau County, said.

Even though not many businesses in California closed completely down, the impact was felt.
Kim Rimel, who owns a floral shop, restaurant and bowling alley, said she is still worried about the future.
“I hope it goes back to the same, but I sense a part of me doesn't think it will," she said. "There's been a big change of how people feel, and I think they're still a little scared."
Wieberg said that business owners can use their own precautions as they prepare for the possibility of more foot traffic. 
"I just wanted everyone to continue to be responsible and take steps to protect yourselves and your family," Wieberg said. "It's not going to go back shoulder to shoulder to people."
The Moniteau County website has more resources for businesses owners on their website.