Montgomery County Schools went on lockdown during manhunt

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MONTGOMERY COUNTY - Montgomery County Schools Superintendent Michael Gray said he received a call from the Missouri State Highway Patrol advising a lock down at all schools while troopers were looking for the suspect in multiple murders.

There is one high school, one middle school and two elementary schools under Gray's supervision. 

Gray said there were no school buses running after class was released Tuesday at the normal time. Parents waited in line at Montgomery High School and had to show identification and sign off before picking up their student. Some parents had to call in early to give permission for students with cars to drive home. 

Two Missouri State Troopers were blocking every parking lot entrance to all Montgomery Schools. 

Gary said, "Today, the thing that's hurting everybody is that it's unknown, so we're trying to be as cautious as we can."

This is not the first time Montgomery High School has gone under lock down. Gary said about three and a half years ago the school had to go on lock down because of a threat from a student. Parents said they trust the school district. 

"I felt secure because I know our school system takes care and they lock down," said Tami Blake, who has family in Montgomery Schools. "I wish they'd give a little more information when we get the calls, but I felt secure that they were here and the officers were great."

Gray said he will call parents early Wednesday morning with a decision on if classes will be canceled.