Moog School Shuts Down

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COLUMBIA - Thursday was the last day for the Moog School's summer school. It was also the school's very last day. Columbia's only school just for deaf children will not have another school year.

The Columbia Public Schools started a similar program for the deaf so Moog School officials in St Louis decided the Columbia school needed to shut down.

Jessica White, the deaf educator at Moog School, has complicated feelings about the closure of the school.

"I was sad, you know, sad to see the school closing. But I am excited that the public school is opening a program, and that is going to be able to serve a lot of children that way as well," she said.

The school was founded in 2001 as a satellite program of the Moog Center for Deaf Education in St. Louis. It made it possible for families living in central Missouri would not have to travel to St. Louis for services.

Having worked for six years as the deaf educator, White said that she will continue her career in the Columbia Public Schools program and offer help for more deaf and hard of hearing children.

Several other Moog School educators will also join the Columbia program.

All the things used in the school, like books and toys, will be sent to the Moog Center in St Louis.