More College Kids Stay Over, but Live Separately

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COLUMBIA - As leases start up for the fall, college kids are returning to MU and going back to their school year houses. For some, that means going back to 'stayover relationships' with their significant others. 

"We're perfectly happy just sitting on the couch all day," MU student Sara Mitchell said when her and her boyfriend Doug Cox hang out.

HDFS Doctoral Candidate Tyler Jamison recently had a study published in the Journal of Social and Personal Relationships. She found that 'stayover relationships' are becoming more popular for college kids. She defines a 'stayover relationship' as a couple who sleeps at the same place three or more times a week but live separately.

"I kind of feel like how do you know that you're going to be able to get along with somebody that well if you don't stay with somebody for a considerable amount of time?" Mitchell said.

Jamison says this is popular among college kids who are committed, but not interested in a lifelong commitment yet. Among other things, she says it makes it awkward for the roommates living there.

"I guess it's always been the kind of 'Don't live together until you're engaged...kind of thing,'" Cox said of what his parents want.

Cox and Mitchell are both seniors at MU. They both plan on trying to find jobs in the same city after they graduate.