More Columbia Residents Describe Experience at Boston Marathon

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BOSTON - Columbia resident Mike Tripp ran in the Boston Marathon for the third time on Monday and said it was a confusing situation after the explosions happened.

The attorney for Smith Lewis Attorneys at Law, said he had already crossed the finish line and was three blocks away when he heard the first explosion. He knew something was wrong when police cars surrounded the area.

Tripp said he didn't realize what had really happened until he looked it up on his mobile phone on the way back to his hotel.

"By the time ... I turned on the TV then, you know, you get to see all of it and it was, um, kind of an emotional thing to see," Tripp said.

Tripp added that after something like this it is important to "talk it out". He said he comforted another runner staying at his hotel that was crossing the finish line as the explosions happened.

Tripp said he is flying back to Columbia Tuesday afternoon.

David Bond, another Columbia resident, was at the finish line at the time of the explosions to watch his wife finish the race.

"In my mind I was going, 'What do I do? How do I find her? What do I, do I go find or do I just stay somewhere and she's gonna meet me?' And so she finally texted me and said I am ok," Bond said.

Becky Bond said while the experience was confusing, there were people around to help.

"All the neighborhood people came out. They went out and got water, they got us trash bags for us to stay warm in. They gave us water and aspirin and everyone was trying to comfort everyone. It was very nice because it was scary," she said.