More Controversy at Aspen Heights

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COLUMBIA - More construction workers at the Aspen Heights apartment complex said on Monday, they also have not been paid.

Earlier this year, workers with R-Energy complained they weren't getting paid.  That's when Aspen Heights started working with a company called Aurora Companies, out of Prosper, Texas. Now workers with Aurora are also saying they're not getting a check.

Douglas Manley was hired by Aurora Companies to work on a framing team at Aspen Heights.  On Monday he contacted KOMU and said he was told he would not be paid for 47 hours of work. Manley and three other workers arrived in Columbia on February 19 from Bloomington, Illinois. They began working on February 21st and finished framing an entire house before being told they would not be paid.

Manely's boss Tom Roach said he is trying to figure out what to do next and should know in the next few days.

Aspen Heights' Director of Public Relations Stuart Watkins said this latest round of problems is not related to those earlier this year. Watkins said a majority of R-Energy and R-Energy affiliates were paid as of March 4th.

Watkins also said Aspen Heights has not received a bill from Aurora and therefore cannot pay the workers. He said he believes this is an issue between the workers and Aurora.