More Green Job Opprotunities in Missouri

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COLUMBIA- The state has released new ways in which it is trying to expand the "Green" movement.

Although most of the "Green Jobs" are in manufacturing and construction, government policies and consumer demands are trying to expand going-green across a wider range of industries. The state of Missouri has identified six new sectors in the Green Economy.

  • Salvage and Remediation
  • Farming
  • Manufacturing
  • Public Administration
  • Energy
  • Building

The state of Missouri defines Green Jobs as those jobs that work directly with generating and supporting a firm or company's green related products or services. 

Job openings in the Green Economy will not be new occupations, rather existing jobs, which will incorporate new layers of green skills, knowledge and credentials. Green Job Opportunities are opening now in carpentry, construction laboring, Electrical Contractors, and HVAC Mechanics and Installers.

The top ten Green occupations in the state combine new and replacement jobs. These are in positions such as:

  • Laborers and Freight Movers (13,520 replacement openings)
  • Team Assemblers (7,210 replacement openings)
  • Maintenance and Repair Workers (6,010 replacement openings)
  • Automotive Service Tech and Mechanics (3,460 replacement openings)
Since 2008, Missouri boasts 131,103 total Green jobs.  That accounts for 4.8 percent of total employment in the state.  

Two local Columbia businesses are using a lot of its resources to go green and save the economy. Coil Construction and Custom Complete Automotive both say it is using every method possible to go Go Green.  The companies are using less paper or buying equipment that will allow them to be more energy efficient

Project Manager for Coil Construction David Coil said that his employees have worked on many projects that have allowed them to use efficient equipment that will both save the economy and customers money. Coil said his team learns hands on what it means to be "energy savers" and they practice this method inside the office and out on construction sites. 

"We really always had a green initiative in our company," said Coil. "We've really been good about having an in- house recycling program and we have been really trying to be proactive in enviromental sustainability. We are conscious of the fact that construction is a bit disruptive to the environment and we try to minimize that as much as possible."

Manager of Custom Complete Automotive Scott Rutherford said recycling fluids is no stranger to him and his employees. He says it gives them the opportunity to cut down the cost on a lot of things inside and outside the shop.

"All the shops are heated with waste oil, antifreeze is recycled, we do not get rid of any of it," said Rutherford.

This new "Go Green" motto does not require any special training for applicants who are interested in these type of fields. Employees are trained hands on about how to be more resourceful in the workforce.