More Greitens Controversy

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COLUMBIA - Campaign finance reports revealed Governor Eric Greitens' campaign operation has been leasing space in the same complex as the non-profit “A New Missouri Inc.”

The St. Louis Post-Dispatch found that on at least four occasions last year, the governor visited the offices of that non-profit group.

Greitens said he has no “day-to-day” responsibility with A New Missouri Inc. The group was formed after the governor was elected in 2016. Its agenda is to promote Greitens’ goals of “more jobs, higher pay and safe streets.”

Since the organization is categorized as a non-profit, it has more lenient campaign finance laws. Donors can give unlimited funds to the group without revealing their identity.

Chairman of Boone County Democrats Darren Hellwege said although we don’t know anything illegal is happening here, not knowing where money is coming from causes concern for constituents.

“People ought to have this information for themselves and decide if it’s someone they want to vote for,” he said.

“It’s reasonable for people to ask, ‘What’s the governor hiding from us?,” Hellwege said.

Hellwege said it’s “very obvious” there’s a trend of campaign secrecy in Greitens’ office, citing hidden inaugural costs that have previously been something typically made available by candidates.

This isn’t the first time the governor has taken heat for associating with a dark money group. Last year he agreed to pay a fine for failing to report how his campaign used a donor list from the charity he founded.

Greitens also refused to disclose how much donors contributed to his inaugural festivities.