More Missouri Military Veterans Seek Higher Education

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COLUMBIA - Missouri's colleges and universities are experiencing a steady surge in the number of veterans enrolling in higher education.

As current military engagements abroad draw to a close, Missouri officials expect even more veterans to enter college once they return home.

But, Keith Glindemann, Assistant Director of Veteran Services at Columbia College, says there isn't just one type of veteran. "They range from students who have been on active duty or deployed to foreign conflict, to ones who just serve their country stateside as well", he said.

Columbia College has been working with veterans for more than 40 years. Glindemann, a veteran himself, said the college does everything it can to put veterans on a proper path. "Sometimes we have some students who come back from foreign conflict who might have some issues still from providing their service", he said. He added, "Maybe they have some difficulties readjusting, so we want to help them transition the best we can. So, we've helped refer people to the VA (Veteran's Association) and get them into counseling services needed, career placement for people having difficulty finding employment while they were a student and after they graduate as well."

Lt. Col. Rob Boone thinks highly of veterans attending school after they've done their duty. "I think its great. I think its fantastic. Y'know, you serve your country, and when you think of the qualities you get serving your country through the Army values; duty, honor, country, self-(sacrifice), courage and then you take those values and then all your leadership skills that you learn in the military and then you turn it into to going into college, I think its very beneficial."

According to the Missouri Department of Higher Education, more than 11,500 veterans used federal education money to enroll in Missouri colleges last year. The year before there were only 7,500 veterans enrolled. The increase ranks as the ninth-largest increase in the country.

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