More Students Increase Need for Buses for Southern Boone District

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ASHLAND - An increase in student enrollment in the Southern Boone County R-1 School District calls for talks of additional transportation.

"Our enrollment is going up," Superintendent Chris Felmlee said. "With that, our student need is increasing and therefore we need an additional bus."

This district serves nearly 1500 students and Felmlee said that number is expected to go up. However, the district has a certain kind of bus in mind.

"We're looking at a bus that will allow a wheelchair lift and accessibility," Felmlee said.

Felmlee said the only difference in this bus search is cost.

"We're probably talking somewhere around $70 to 80 thousand, maybe a little less than that because, again, these aren't 70-passenger buses," Felmlee said. "We're probably more looking at around a 30-or-so-passenger bus."

A regular 30-passenger bus generally goes for $50 thousand at a starting rate, according to Blue Bird Corporation. A regular 70- to 80-passenger bus starts selling around $80 thousand.

Felmlee said he and the school board will make a final decision on a bus purchase closer to January.