More Than 2,000 Employers Turn to

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COLUMBIA- Last year registered more than 2,000 new employers seeking Mizzou students and alumni for work. There are more than 10,000 entries in the employer directory representing public, private and non- private sectors. 

Senior Coordinator of the Career Center Specialist Amanda Nell said on any given day more than 1,000 jobs are posted on the site. These jobs include part- time jobs, on and off campus positions, competitive internships, and full- time career opportunities.

"The site is not going to have a job for every single student and for every unique career need, but it is a great starting place," Nell said.

According to Nell, employers in many fields turn to the website specifically looking for Mizzou students and alumni to work for their company. Job openings are in fields such as: 

  • Academic/ Education
  • Construction/ Real Estate
  • Health care
  • ...and many more 

Last year there were about 9,000 job vacancies posted. 57 percent of those jobs were full-time careers and 23 percent were part time or seasonal jobs. 

Since August 1, 2011 there were a total of 119,434 student and alumni job seekers active on the website. Nell said that this is an average of 41 different logins every day. In total, there are more than 11,000 students and alumni who have active logins on the site.

Last year, there was a total of 11,659 employers active on the site which is a 16 percent increase from 2010. On average, 12 new employers log on the site each day looking specifically for Mizzou students and grads. 

Nell said it is hard to measure the amount of job placements that were thanks to the use of the website. The numerous career offices on campus and students lack of reporting how they found employment, makes it hard for Nell and other faculty members to find that statistic. Staff is working to find better assessment tools to accurately collect the number of jobs found based on the website. 

"We encourage employers and students to tell us when they have been hired," said Nell. "There is a report, a hire feature that is a underutilized." debuted in 2003. Before it was called "HireMizzouTigers" it was named "" but faculty and staff realized that was not the appropiate title for the site.

"It was a site that was more than just for graduating seniors or for alumni," said Nell. "It is a site where students can look for part-time jobs, internships, full-time positions, and graduate assistantships." is a free resource for all Mizzou students and alumni. Nell said the site benefits because Mizzou is a destination campus for many employers. 

"The name, the value of our institution and our graduates, and our currently enrolled students is something that we don't have to promote to heavily," said Nell. 

The site does more activities besides connect students with job opportunities. Students are able to schedule on campus interviews, get help with resumes and attend many career fairs.

"I actually used the site my freshman and sophomore year," said MU Student and Supervisor of the Career Center, Alyson Germinder. "It was a point in my life where I was trying to figure out what I really wanted to do, so I just wanted to see what my options were."

Online activity continues to increase every month, according to Nell. In the future, the site plans to increase the number of student users and help freshman use the site frequently to begin their college careers. The site is in the process of adding video tutorials to help students learn how to actively use the website. Faculty also plans to deepen the integration of social media use.