More than 30 animals rescued from Boone County house fire

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BOONE COUNTY - Firefighters rescued more than 30 cats and dogs from a house fire Thursday afternoon. 

It happened on the southeast side of the county in the Sunrise Estates subdivision, according to the district's Facebook page. The occupants of the house were not hurt.

Johnathan Collings, next-door neighbor to the house where the fire took place, said his neighbor has been hoarding animals for years.

"I've called social services, I've called animal control, I've called everyone," Collings said. 

Collings claims the animals in the house next-door started causing problems in his own home. 

"We have had serious flea issues. I know it's not from me because I treat for fleas," Collings said.

Tina Wells lives across the street. She said her neighbor was not really sociable.

"My three-year-old daughter waves, but she never waves back," Collings said.  

Boone County Fire Protection District firefighters used donated pet oxygen masks to help the animals recover from smoke inhalation. 

The Missouri Veterinary Medical Association donated 10 pet oxygen mask kits to the district in 2015. 

Each kit comes with three masks of different sizes, which can be used on dogs, cats, ferrets, guinea pigs, birds and other pets. 

A Boone Hospital Center ambulance crew also helped take care of the animals while the firefighters put out the fire.

"I hope they don't give her those animals back," Collings said. "When she opened the door, you could smell the feces."

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