More Than 300,000 Missourians Affected by Program's Suspension

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COLUMBIA - Another federally funded program in Mid-Missouri is feeling the affects of the government shutdown. University of Missouri Extension Nutrition Program announced Friday certain programs will be suspended until further notice. MU Extension teaches families and kids in K-12 about healthy eating habits and active lifestyles. SNAP education programs, including classes, outreach efforts and other activities were suspended beginning October 3 at 5 p.m.

Temporary internal funding will keep employees on the payroll through October 21. However, after that date the organization will be unable to keep employees on payroll and will begin laying off staff. Internal funding is not enough to pay for travel costs, supplies and other expenses needed to maintain the programming.

"These employees have built valuable relationships in communities all across Missouri," Extension Director Michael Ouart said. "Losing them would have long-lasting effects on the health and eating habits of future generations of Missouri's Children."

More than 100 employees, 260,000 students and 78,000 adults across the state will be impacted by the suspension.