More voters discovered in Business Loop 70 district

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COLUMBIA - Jen Henderson is not the only voter in the Business Loop 70 voting district. In fact, she's one of 14 voters.

The Boone County Clerk's office originally found that only one person lived within the boundaries of the Business Loop 70 voting district.

Since then, 13 others have been discovered and have a say in the half-cent sales tax increase proposed by the Business Loop 70 Community Improvement District Board.

Executive Director of the CID Carrie Gartner said the county clerk did not count correctly.

"The county clerk miscounted so we understand now there are 14," Gartner said. "We were told at the very beginning of the process that there were none, so we think it's fourteen."

Boone County Clerk, Wendy Noren, said she wasn't given all of the information by the board.

"By law, once I have an address I can start going through and checking every single address or voter file, if anybody lives at the address," Noren said. "Unfortunately, the list of addresses they provided me is incomplete."

She said the district is required to provide the necessary information to her.

"It's the responsibility of the district to provide me with the information I need to identify voters, I assumed they provided it, I told them I needed addresses, I'm not sure where the confusion was," Noren said.

Noren said she still hasn't received a full list of addresses from the district.

Gartner said the board provided all the required documents.

"We provide the county clerk with a map and other details, so I don't know where the error occurred in this case, but it's been occurring for awhile apparently," Gartner said.

There is no scheduled election for the tax increase, but Noren said they would need to count the voters again when an election is held.

"So, if they call an election, then we would do it again at that time. They would provide me with the addresses and I would do that," Noren said.

The CID is meeting Thursday at 8 a.m. at the Parkade Center on Business Loop 70.

Click here to see a map of the Business Loop 70 CID district.