Mother Claims Son Assaulted on the Football Field

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SEDALIA - One mother is incensed after she says her 12-year-old son was assaulted while playing football.

Video of the Oct. 5 incident shows another boy pulling Maurice Martin to the ground and then kicking him in the head. Keesha Martin said the kick left her son with a concussion.

According to Martin, the Sedalia Youth Football League said the other boy would be suspended two games, which would end this Saturday, and her son would be suspended one game for taking off his helmet and using profanity. While her son sat out, she says the other boy played despite the suspension.

"Our whole goal was to bring the commission and the board into account, make them accountable to someone because they are accountable to no one," Keesha Martin said.

League Commissioner Jimmy Brown didn't want to go on camera because he said the matter was settled, but over the phone, he said that the other boy did sit out a game and that he was suspended indefinitely.

Martin said even though she's glad at the end result, she's still upset at how it all played out.

"After seeing that video clip, how in the world could they have come up with their decision," Martin said, "that a one-game suspension was in order and that both boys deserved the same discipline."