Mother of Missing Woman Copes As Killer is Released

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HOLTS SUMMIT - Four years after Michael Yarnell was sentenced to prison for killing his wife Angie Yarnell, he was released Monday, three years early for good behavior.  Michael Yarnell was convicted of involuntary manslaughter. He confessed to killing Angie Yarnell and because there was no evidence or body found, he was sentenced to seven years.

Marianne Asher-Chapman is the mother of Angie Yarnell. She said today was difficult but so is every other day.

"I think about Angie every minute.  She was my only daughter," Asher-Chapman said.

Now that Michael Yarnell is free, Asher-Chapman said she is not happy, but she doesn't care what happens to him.  All she wants is to find her daughter.

Asher-Chapman said the hardest part is not knowing.  Because no remains were found, she said she has no way of knowing what actually happened.  She doesn't believe Michael Yarnell's story that he pushed Angie Yarnell off of a deck killing her. 

Asher-Chapman copes in many ways including writing a letter to her daughter every day.  She has done this for nearly 10 years - ever since Angie went missing.  Asher-Chapman said originally she wanted to document her love for Angie Yarnell in the letters so that if she came home, she could read them.  But now, Asher-Chapman adds pictures, newspaper clippings, and anything else that reminds her of her daughter. She has filled 20 notebooks.

In addition to the letters, Asher-Chapman buys Angie Yarnell gifts and writes her cards for special occasions and holidays and keeps them all in a trunk upstairs.  The trunk is full of things that Asher-Chapman said she would love - being a queen, nature, and jewelry.

While Asher-Chapman is not happy with Michael Yarnell's release and wants laws changed to put him away longer, she said the only thing he can do for her now is tell her where her daughter is.  She wants to bring her home and give her a proper burial.