Mother said she plans to hire lawyer after son broke his arm at Fulton school

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FULTON - A woman said she plans to hire a lawyer to investigate an incident at Bush Elementary School in Fulton that left her son with a broken arm.

In a Facebook post, Lisa Butler Hosenfelt, who called the boy, Triston, her "grandson at heart," said he came home from school with a broken arm. The post has more than 300 shares and 100 comments.

The post was shared in a Fulton Facebook group, and Triston's mom, Allie Sweeney, commented saying she filed for child neglect at Fulton Police Department, and she filed a complaint with the Fulton Board of Education.

Sweeney also confirmed with KOMU 8 News she hired a lawyer and plans to sue the district. She said she never received a call from the school that her son was hurt. She said her son told his coach and his bus driver that he was hurt.

Fulton Police Chief Steve Myers said police investigated the claim Tuesday morning, but found no proof of criminal activity.

Fulton Public Schools Board of Education President said he had no comment on the matter. But the district's director of public relations said it is sorry.

"Fulton Public Schools is truly sorry that this happened," Karen Snethen, Director of Public Relations for Fulton Public Schools, said. "We never want students injured here in any way."

Others commented on the post shared in the Facebook group, and claimed their kids were hurt at Bush Elementary. They said they were not notified. One mom said her daughter sprayed herself with a teacher's mace spray, and the school called her "after the fact" to ask if she wanted to take her to the ER.