Mother Using Daycare "Terrified" by Collapse

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COLUMBIA - A mother who uses the University Apartments' Student Parent Center said Sunday she is terrified by the collapse that happened Saturday.

"Learning about the structural problems at University Village is really terrifying for me because my kids play under one of those walkways all the time," mother Naomi Clark said. "I can't think about what would have happened if this had happened during the day."

Clark has a 5-year-old daughter and an 18-month-old son who have attended the Student Parent Center since each of them was 6 months old. Clark said, up to this point, she didn't have major concerns regarding the structure of the building because she normally just drops her kids off and then goes to work.

University of Missouri housing crews put up wooden supports across the housing complex Sunday, including the Student Parent Center. Workers cleaned up the area where the walkway collapsed and worked on adding additional supports Sunday.