Movember Makes Men Grow Mustaches

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COLUMBIA - The men on the MU campus are sporting something other than winter coats this November. Many of them have grown full mustaches or beards.

It's called 'Mizzou for Movember,' and it gives men an excuse to let that facial hair grow.

MU student Frank Reardon is a self-proclaimed Movember veteran. He said, "This is my third year participating in Movember. It's not my first rodeo." This year he's decided to sport the classic mustache.

Another MU student, Evan Mehuys, says he participates for the fun. He said, "Not all the ladies like it. Some do, some don't." Mehuys hasn't shaved his beard since October 22, but is ready to see it go.

But not everyone with facial hair is growing to like it. Other students say they grew beards or mustaches this November simply to keep their faces warm.

Jordin Ruthstein is a Mizzou for Movember director. The Mizzou chapter was started last year and is partnered with the Livestrong Foundation and the Prostate Cancer Foundation to help raise money for testicular cancer and prostate cancer research.

This year, the group hopes to raise about $5,000. 

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