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COLUMBIA- The MU Women's and Children Hospital held a ribbon cutting Wednesday for new MRI goggles it received for its patients.

The Missouri Credit Union funded the movement called googles4kids through different fundraisers.

"We posted fliers in our lobbies, we sold cookies, we sold candy bars, and we sold those coupons for a dollar a piece to get our donors to donate for the cause," Loretta Ronnie, President of Highway Lines Credit Union, said.

The goggles are used to distract children who have to undergo a MRI test. The MRI tests are lengthly and loud and require children to sit still for about 45 minutes.

In the past the hospital would have to sedate young children when they would undergo MRI tests, but now the goggles distract them by showing them a movie.

"It allows us to get really good quality studies to help diagnose the problems the kids have without necessarily having to put them off to sleep of sedate them in order to get that done and thats just more pleasant for everybody," Pediatric Critical Care Doctor Carroll King said.

The nurses and child life specialist will let the child select a movie and place the goggles and earphones on them. The movie picture plays through the goggles while the sound plays through the headphones.

"We have a wonderful movie selection we do call the kids the night before and encourage the parents to bring their favorite movie so that it is the most comforting experience that they can have," child life specialist Amber Lashley said.

If the technicians need to speak to the patient they will press a button thats brings up the technician's face on the goggles and his/her voice on the headphones.

The hospital currently only has one set of goggles.