MTV reality series "Party Cove" to come to Lake of the Ozarks

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LAKE OF THE OZARKS - The creators behind shows like "Jersey Shore" and "Party Down South" are looking to create their next reality series centered around the summer party scene at the Lake of the Ozarks.

The team, Doron Ofir Casting and 495 Productions, said they are looking for the "most interesting, craziest, hottest, loudest, 21+ summer vacationers" on the casting website. Application questions ask everything from relationship status to best physical, material and social assets.

The question is: how will this show affect the lake? 

KOMU 8 News went in to a lake-area radio station, 101.9 "The Wave," to see what callers thought about the show and there was plenty of reaction on both sides of the table.

One caller said: "I don't think there is such a thing as bad publicity," where another caller said, "Who cares around here, it's young and stupid."

Kevin Hilley, radio host for The Wave, said he thinks the hiring agency is looking for the most provocative cast they can find. 

"When 'Jersey Shore' first came out, that did not do New Jersey any favors. It was not exactly the most positive image of my home state," Hilley said. 

He also said that it could be a different outcome for Missouri. 

An owner of a popular bar and restaurant at the lake, "Shady Gators," said he thinks the show will be a good thing for business. 

"I hope this thing does go through. It puts the lake on the map for more people to come," Jeremy Gorham said. 

Another resident, Dan Vanderveld, had the same thought process.

"People that have never been here or see 'Party Cove' will say 'well this looks like an interesting place, what is going on?' We have this Ozark show and now a reality party cove show," he said. "Obviously, there's something going on at the lake and maybe they'll come and start checking it out." 

Meg Maley, a casting producer with the show, said the "Midwestern charm" is what drew the companies to bring a reality show to Missouri. 

"That's what makes this show different than like 'Jersey Shore' or other shows like that," Maley said. 

She said production company has not announced when the show might air, but aims to start filming this summer.