MU $12 million contract goes to national security training for government employees

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COLUMBIA- The MU College of Engineering has been awarded a $12 million contract in exchange to create a new science program to prepare employees for the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA).

However, this multi-million contract will not be offered to MU students, said Grant Scott the Assistant Research Professor of Engineering. MU professors will travel to teach employees outside of the university. 

"The students that will be a part of this program are government employees or members of the military, that currently work for the NGA or other elements of the department of defense, and the courses are contracted by them and are specifically delivered to those students," Scott said.

The contract and new training program is in hopes of improving the NGA's analytical capabilities and to increase national security overall.

"This will help national security and a lot of aspects of our nation because anytime we can increase peoples' ability to do their job more efficiently using tools and techniques, then there is more value that they can bring to either the intelligence mission or the homeland security mission, or the humanitarian efforts that they support," Scott said.

The $12 million was awarded with a specific contract from the government.

"Under the contract it is basically a ceiling of value for the government to acquire courses, and every course has a fixed price. And when we schedule and deliver that course, in essence is what they're buying," Scott said.

The new training program is scheduled to begin in October.