MU Active shooter response

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COLUMBIA - In the wake of the deadly Santa Fe High School shooting, the MU Police Department will be hosting an active shooter response training.

MU students, faculty and staff are invited to participate in the training on Tuesday, from 2 to 4 p.m. The two hour course will take place in Jesse Auditorium.

The Citizens’ Response to Active Threats training helps members of the public understand the role the environment, law enforcement and social media play in dangerous situations.

MUPD Lt. Buddy Anliker stressed the need for students to follow MU Alert, the university’s official emergency website. He recommended students refresh their browser constantly during an emergency situation.

“You’ve also got to remember with these active shooter situations is they’re very fluid and things change quickly,” he said.

Last October, MU students, faculty and staff were notified of an active threat on campus through the MU Alert system.

MU students expressed frustration after professors handled the emergency differently. Some chose to cancel class while others continued with lecture.

Lt. Anliker said students should rely on MU Alert for the most accurate information, even it it means waiting longer for updates.

The training is offered in different formats throughout the year. MU student Shauna Yates took a version of the course in the spring.

“It should be made almost mandatory for students to do,” she said.  

The course is not required for MU students. MU faculty and staff do not have mandatory formal training either.

MUPD posted a video to show students and faculty how to properly react if an active shooter was present on campus. The video outlines three options: run, hide or fight.

“When it really comes down to it, is what do you feel comfortable with doing,” Lt. Anliker said.

The course is similar to first aid training. The tools learned are designed to become instinct when they are applied in real setting.

MU student Karrington Scott said, “ Some of it may have sounded like common sense but were things that were almost so obvious that you wouldn’t think about them in the moment.”  

The event is a part of Staff Recognition Week at MU.