MU African American Event and LGBTQ Event Sparks Comment

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COLUMBIA - Several MU departments and groups are sponsoring two public events on campus Tuesday evening that focus on African American and LGBTQ issues and history. The show "Pouring Tea: Black Gay Men of the South Tell Their Tales" is followed by a lecture from creator, performer, and scholar E. Patrick Johnson. The Facebook post advertising the events on Mizzou's page sparked great discussion. This after State House Representative Kathie Conway (R-St. Charles) made comment on whether or not the events were educational. She wrote, "Really?? This is educational? Just what is the percentage of the population that this could possibly apply? .0001%?" In response, one person suggested Conway is "closed-minded" and another backed the events saying, "Yes, it is educational. Not everything has to be about what you know about. It's a university. The purpose is to learn about things and people different from you. Why don't you open your mind a little?" 

KOMU spoke with Conway who said MU should only pay for events that pertain to a larger audience, like politics and current events. She said if the events are privately funded, she had no issue with them. 

Check out the images with this story to see Representative Conway's posts or click here to go to the original post. 


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