MU Animal Science Division Hosts Preview Auction

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COLUMBIA - MU's Equine Science program gives students the opportunity to be paired with a horse from birth and walk through the whole training process together.

"We do everything with the horses," student Stephanie Gelhot said. "We raise them, we train them, we take care of them on daily basis. Pretty much we run this whole facility by ourselves, and we're pretty much all volunteers."

For the past five years, the MU Animal Science division has held an auction not only to ensure the horses quality, life-long homes, but also as a learning experience for the students.

"We've had students staying there, staying up late nights until they are born and working with them when they are very young," Equine Program coordinator and instructor Marci Crosby said.

This year, bidding will start on October 11 and end on November 7. Eight Quarter Horses are up for sale. On Saturday, potential buyers had the opportunity to meet the horses and talk with their specific student trainers for more information on each individual horse.

The coordinator said the event doesn't just benefit the buyers, but also the students involved. The auction is a learning opportunity for students to gain more experience in the Equine Industry from breeding to communicating with buyers and marketing. In one year, there are typically 200 students that go through this program.

"We teach them how to desensitize to random objects that might be scary like plastic bags or shovels," Gelhot said.

All the proceeds from the auction go towards the MU Equine Program. The funds are used to care for the teaching herd and purchase supplies for the classroom.

Click here for more information about the horses available for auction and to bid.