MU Athletes spend time away from practice

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COLUMBIA - MU athletes spent Wednesday a little different than most days. 

On Wednesday, the athletes took a trip to University of Missouri's Children's Hospital to give back to the community through the non-profit Caleb's Pitch.

The athletes use a special tool to paint with the kids, syringes.

"It really just helps kids associate syringes maybe not with fear or harm," Cathryn Aliceaacosta, an MU gymnast, said.

Aliceaacosta spent time shooting the syringes on a canvas with one special girl, Clara Goodman.

Goodman has only been in the hospital three days, but she was very excited to spend time with some athletes. Goodman dreams about sports, but her favorite it football.

Her favorite part of the game isn't the cheer leading though, it's, "the tackling people," Goodman said.

She even dreams about being the star and scoring touchdowns.

So on Wednesday she got to dream a little bigger. She didn't have to think about pneumonia or cystic fibrosis. On Wednesday she got to paint with many of the athletes who she dreams of being.