MU Athletics Announces Economic Impact on Columbia

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COLUMBIA - Mizzou Athletics announced Thursday that events held by the MU Athletics Department brought more than $147 million dollars into Columbia in the 2010-2011 fiscal year.

A recent study by University of Missouri MBA students shows events University of Missouri sporting events as well as other events held in the University's sporting complexes bring significant additional spending to Columbia. 

Amy Schneider, Director of the Columbia Conventions and Visitors Bureau said Mizzou athletics bring visitors with money to spend.

"You have people coming in from all over the state and all over the United States to view these games. This is people coming into our city bringing their money, staying in our hotels, eating in our restaurants, shopping at our retail. It is a definite positive impact on the economy of Columbia," Schneider said.

Researchers stressed it is not just the Mizzou sporting events that bring fans.

"Either the second or third largest driver of revenue were the Missouri State High School events. It was almost as big as basketball as far as total economic impact," said researcher Tom Schmidt.

Mayor Bob McDavid and Athletic Director Mike Alden spoke at the event. Both men celebrated the athletic department's impact on Columbia.

"The athletic department is an ambassador for the University of Missouri. It has a strong economic impact on the city's economic situation. It also has a big impact on the quality of Columbia as a place. It brings visitors to Columbia. It recruits students to Columbia," said Mayor McDavid.