MU begins 'deep clean' of campus

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COLUMBIA - University of Missouri campus facilities crews started a campus-wide cleaning effort Monday. 

Gary Ward, MU Vice Chancellor for Operations, announced the cleaning process in a virtual town hall last Tuesday. 

"We're going to start ... a deep cleaning effort for the entire campus," he said. "What that will mean is we will clean all the public spaces, of course all the restrooms, all the offices, all the classrooms, all the auditoriums." 

University spokesperson Christian Basi said in an email that crews are using Hillyard Q.T. 3 to clean those spaces. According to the company's website, it is a disinfectant specifically for hard surfaces that has had success at getting rid of viruses similar to the COVID-19 virus.

Crews started by cleaning Jesse Hall on Monday, and Basi said they will clean the rest of campus over the next two weeks. 

After a room is cleaned, a sign will go up saying, "This room is clean and has been disinfected using an EPA-approved disinfectant, per Center for Disease Control guidelines." 

Basi said the goal is to disinfect and clean as many surfaces as possible as university officials prepare for faculty and staff to eventually come back to campus. 

MU canceled all in-person summer courses on April 6. Right now, in-person classes are set to start again on August 23 when the fall semester begins.