MU Building Inspection Report Reveals Concerns, Fixes

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COLUMBIA - The engineers hired to inspect every building on the University of Missouri campus reported 18 buildings showed cause for "immediate concerns." The findings were specific to just the Columbia campus.

Trabue, Hansen and Hinshaw, Inc., along with two other engineering firms, inspected 376 buildings, with the exception of the University Village Apartments, which THH already inspected following the walkway collapse in February. 10 of the 18 issues THH noted were at the Tara Apartments. According to the report, decks on 10 of the complex's buildings are deteriorating. The decks have since been closed off and MU plans to remove, fix or replace the decks. 

KOMU 8 News obtained THH's list of possible solutions for dealing with the Tara decks from MU spokesman Christian Basi. The report said THH found a number of the rear decks showed "excessive deflection, rot and cracking." Among possible solutions are reinforcing the existing decks for $885,060, removing decks and adding railings to the doors for $416,460 or removing decks and replace the doors with window for $770,220. The report also mentioned an option to shorten the decks, but ultimately ruled that idea "not feasible."

"We're reviewing those options," Basi said. "There are factors that include cost, convenience or in some cases inconvenience to the residents. Some of the work may require us to be inside the residences, so we're trying to make sure that whatever option we choose is what's best for everyone." 

Basi said MU does not have a deadline set for making a decision about Tara's decks, and added the safety issue has already been taken care of. 

"The safety issue has been strictly limited to the decks," Basi said. "Since they [residents] cannot get to the decks, there is not a safety issue right now."

THH said its engineers also noted immediate structural concerns at Loeb Hall, the Missouri Theater, the Sinclair School of Nursing, the power plant, Lafferre Hall, East Well and Memorial Student Union. In each case, MU has taken either temporary or permanent steps to addressing the issues. 

KOMU 8 News also asked Basi if the university has set a demolition date for the University Village apartment complex, to which he said no. University Village, along with the daycare center it houses, will permanently close June 30.