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COLUMBIA - During his '100 Days' address Wednesday, MU Chancellor Alexander Cartwright announced two new scholarships for students of alumni and students of bordering states.

MU will offer a new scholarship called the Border State Scholars Award; it will reduce out-of-state tuition by $2,500 for students with an ACT score of at least 25 coming from Missouri's eight border states: Arkansas, Iowa, Illinois, Kansas, Kentucky, Nebraska, Tennessee or Oklahoma. 

For out-of-state students who are children of alumni and scored a 25 or 26 on the ACT, MU will offer a $7,500 scholarship. 

Cartwright said the university will need to reorganize some funds to make the two scholarships happen. But, he said finances are one of the main barriers that determines how students pursue education. 

"Education is not inexpensive, you have to invest," Cartwright said.

Cartwright hopes the scholarships will also encourage children of alumni and people in bordering states to attend MU. He said MU students borrow 25 percent less money than the national average to pay for college, but the university must continue to make education more accessible. 

"We must continue to move forward on very practical fronts to make higher education more acceptable, and to give a higher return on our students investments."

Also in the address, Cartwright requested the Faculty Council find more ways to give students real-world experience during their time at MU. He emphasized the 'Missouri Method,' and its success in training students with hands-on learning, hoping to expand the method to more students. 

He said he wants to make experiential learning an expectation, so the university can reach out to corporate partners, alumni, foundations, donors, and the community to help give students these opportunities.

"I want you to make sure you get the leadership experience, to make sure you understand responsibility, that you're ready for when you go out into industry," he said. 

Cartwright said "traditional one-stop education" is changing. More students are transferring from community colleges to four-year universities, and coming back to school after entering the workforce for more degrees. 

"When and how students get their education needs to be adaptable and adjustable to their unique life situations," he said. 

Cartwright said MU has been practicing experiential learning before it was mainstream at other universities. 

MU senior Matt Tschannen is a software engineer intern at Cerner Tiger Institute. He said the MU resource Hire Mizzou Tigers helped him get the internship. 

"I think one of the things that Cerner has done well and Mizzou has done well is giving me opportunities to grow and change as I learned what I wanted to do," Tschannen said. 

He said anything the university can do to help students get experience like he has had is important. As a student who's had various chancellors during his time at MU, he likes what Cartwright had to say.

"I think he's got a good understanding of where the universities at and what needs to be done," he said. 

Wednesday's address, "University for Missouri: Commitment to Student Success," was the first of a series from the Chancellor. He said with more addresses, he can get more input from the MU community.

"I'm talking to people about what is it that we should be doing, thinking about where we should be going and eventually having the conversations about how we make those happen." 

At later addresses, Cartwright will discuss research and economic development, as well as engagement and outreach. He said he wants to go in depth on these topics to ensure the university is giving students the skills to be career-ready. 

"In higher education we often make the observation that students need to be college ready," Cartwright said. "I challenge Mizzou to ask, are we student ready?" 

CORRECTION: An earlier version of this story made it seem like MU would reduce tuition for all students from a border state. The story has been corrected to say that the Border State Scholar Award will lower tuition.