MU Chancellor Announces Budget Cuts

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COLUMBIA - MU Chancellor R. Bowen Loftin announced Thursday the University of Missouri will need to reallocate more than $3.8 million to cover losses in state funding.

Loftin said in a statement that each department on Mizzou's campus is being asked to reallocate a certain amount of its budget based on its current balances and the amount of general revenue it receives, as well as any auxiliary enterprise funding.

Loftin said auxiliary departments such as Athletics and Residential Life will also participate in the budget reallocation, even though they receive no state funding. 

The breakdown is as follows:

Schools and Colleges Allocated Withholdings ($)
 Arts & Sciences  189,717
 Ag. Food & Nat Resources  227,054
 Business  63,039
 Education  101,396
 Engineering  58,743
 Human Environmental Sciences  50,432
 Health Professions  21,144
 Journalism  29,392
 Law   43,064
 Medicine  324,707
 Nursing  58,949
 Public Affairs  7,431
 Veterinary Medicine  125,032

Other Divisions Allocated Withholdings ($)
Alumni & Advancement 34,310
Intercollegiate Athletics 40,997
Vice Chancellor Finance 31,178
Vice Chancellor Operation 222,517
Vice Chancellor Health Sciences 283,799
Chancellor 239,356
Extension 205,892
Graduate School 34,770
Information & Access Tech Services 71,619
Provost 289,917
Office of Research 176,318
Student Affairs 936,050
University Affairs 10,406

MU spokesperson Christian Basi said the money will be taken from various funds, but it is up to each department as to exactly how to reach the requested number. 

"It's up to each division head to determine where that money will come from, presumably, some money might be coming from savings and we might see delays in implementing programs or activities that were slated for this coming year, but those decisions will be made by each division head, " said Basi.  

Basi said the money must be back into the central budget office by next Friday.