MU Children's Hospital teams up with the Tigers

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COLUMBIA — MU Children's Hospital held a tailgate for the MU vs. Delaware State football game Saturday.

With help from the MU Athletic Department and Veterans' Hospital, the Children's Hospital organized a tailgate for sickle cell and cancer patients and their families. 

The tailgate, which began at 1 p.m. in the Veteran's Hospital parking lot, included food, drinks, t-shirts, activities and giveaways.

The MU Athletic Department provided 175 tickets for the patients and their families. LeAnn Reeder, a child life specialist at MU Children's Hospital, said all the tickets were used.  

"This is an event for our patients and families to get out and enjoy things outside the hospital. They don't have to worry about, think about their disease today," Reeder said. 

This is the 16th year that MU Children's Hospital has hosted the football event, which is a part of Childhood Cancer and Sickle Cell Awareness Month.

Nine year old Natalia Frock, an Astrocytoma brain cancer patient, has been going to the event for five years with her father Matthew Bruce.  

Bruce and his girlfriend Natasha Cole said Frock loves the Missouri Tigers.

"Before her first time coming here, she was so pumped. She still has her MU foam finger from the first time she came," Cole said.