MU community creates group supporting Michael Brown

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COLUMBIA - MU students and community members have created a group called MU for Mike Brown in response to the fatal shooting of the Ferguson teen.

The group was created due to the wide response from MU students, some of which are from the St. Louis and Ferguson area. Many have participated in the social media conversations surrounding the incident including the Twitter hashtag discussion, #iftheygunnedmedown.

The group MU for Mike Brown has organized a silent march on Wednesday, August 27. The march will begin in the campus plaza amphitheater, continue through campus, and end at the MU Columns. The group hopes the peaceful protest will continue to shed light on the teen's death.

"It's silent for a reason," MU student Phelan Simpkin said. "There is a peaceful side to protesting"

Nayome Daughtry, a senior at MU and MU for Mike Brown supporter, hopes that the groups efforts will create awareness, action, and prevention.

"We are united and stand against the police brutality, and the issue that has happened in Ferguson, Missouri." Simpkins said. "And let them know that they do have a support system here in Columbia."

Simpkin said although there are a lot of strong feelings, the group encourages people to participate and peacefully express their opinions.

Dr. Scott Brooks will be speaking at the event. The march will begin at 5:30 p.m. on the MU campus at the plaza amphitheater. MU for Mike Brown plans to host several events that aim to promote education and encourage activism.