MU Construction

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COLUMBIA - Construction projects near the University of Missouri-Columbia campus may delay drivers in the area on Monday and throughout the week. Not only will construction slow people down, but there are more drivers on the roads as MU's fall semester started Monday as well.

Various repairs and redevelopment throughout the city mean unexpected road closures for student drivers who left Columbia for summer break.

Officials said that although construction is nothing new for the ever-growing city, drivers unfamiliar with recent changes should plan for certain routes to take longer than usual.

University of Missouri Police Department Public Information Officer Brian Weimer said with construction workers on-site, drivers should take care to avoid any distractions that might take their eyes off the road. This includes putting on make-up, texting and eating.

He advises students to give themselves plenty of extra time when leaving to go to class.

Weimer said there hasn't been an increase in accidents near construction zones yet and that no additional officers will be needed to monitor drivers in these areas.